On this day


The local warlords of the Gioldases clan, Katsikogiannes, Braskos and others, attacked the Turks under Veli Bey in Karpe-nesi forcing them to abandon the region and retreat to Epirus.


Division VI of the Hellenic Army captured the Bulgarian for ward positions in Xylopolis, near Lachanas.


The Hellenic Army's 4th Infantry Regiment counterattacked and recaptured Aydin, which had been captured by the Turks on 17 June, after a surprise attack. As the Turks departed from the city, they set fires and massacred its inhabitants. Of the 7,500 inhabitants of the city and the 3,500 refugees from the surround¬ing villages who had sought shelter there, 6,500 were murdered or abducted.


The Greek Expeditionary Corps of southern Russia began to be transported by sea from Romania to Asia Minor.