On this day


Greek forces, commanded by the armatole Panourgias, liberated Salona (Amphissa) in Phocis from the Turks.


Athanasios Diakos with other warlords and notables in the region formally declared the start of the revolution in Boeotia, after a solemn doxology which was performed by the bishops Esa-ias of Salona and Neophytos of Talantion (Atalante) in the monastery of Hosios Loukas.


Turkish forces led by Karafil Bey captured Metsovo and proceeded to loot, destroy and set fire to over 400 homes. After this, Greek rebel forces under the command of Theodorakes Grivas, took refuge in the area of Zygos, near Metsovo.


Greek Division II crossed the Dniester river and assembled in the area of Palanka in Bessarabia. The remaining units of the Greek Expeditionary Corps of southern Russia crossed the Dni¬ester on 29 March and assembled in Muzar.