On this day


The Turks executed Daskalogiannes (Ioannes Vlachos) in a horrible way in Chandax (Herakleion) in Crete as primarily responsible for and leader of the uprising in Sphakia.


A force of 6,000 Turks under then command of Haci Kara Ahmet, Kehayabey of the Pasha of Silistria attacked a Greek force of 485 armed men under Athanasios Karpenesiotes and the warlords Kontogones, Sphaellos, Elias Mingleres and Georgios Papas near the Greek-held forts in Skouleni, Romania. Turkish losses were 1,600 killed, 200 wounded. The Greeks lost 300 killed.


Paying of respects to the remains of Patriarch Gregory V at the metropolitan cathedral of Odessa. Emperor Alexander I ordered that the remains of the Patriarch be buried with the honors accru¬ing to an imperial prince and the leader of Orthodoxy.


After the Bulgarian surprise attack the Greek government decided to launch a general counter-attack and to eliminate all Bulgarian units from Thessalonica.


Greece officially entered World War I with the recall of the Greek diplomatic representatives. The Greek government of Venizelos declared that it considered the country to be in a state of war on the side of the Allies as of 24 November 1916 (when the original such declaration had been made by the revolutionary gov¬ernment in Thessalonica).


The Turkish 61st Division was defeated at Balikesir in Asia Minor and retreated. The Greek forces of the Archipelago Division took 1,500 prisoners and captured eight guns and twenty machine guns.