The Emblem

The emblem of the HNDGS from the day of its establishment until its renaming in 1968 to Armed Forces Supreme Command was a complex consisting of a casque, an anchor and wings, symbolizing the Army, the Navy and the Air Force respectively. In this emblem, the cask and wings were affixed on the anchor, which was in an upright position.

After the renaming of the HNDGS to AFSC by virtue of an HNDGS order (F. 494/116623/d.2865/6.9.71/ 1sttJoint Staff Group/d1/2) , a new coloured emblem was established. The new emblem also consisted of a red casque, a blue anchor and silver wings that symbolized the Army, the Navy and the Air Force respectively. The colored line (red, blue, raf) symbolizes the Branch from which the Chief of Defence comes from. The following verse could be read on the emblem:

Always excel and be superior and do not shame the ancestors…

The difference between the emblem of the Armed Forces Supreme Command (AFSC) and that of the HNDGS was that on the former the anchor, on which the casque and wings were fixed, was in a tilted position.

The aforementioned emblem of AFSC remained even after it changed to HNDGS, by law 660/770. It is still the same today.