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By bus (Hellenic Organization of Transportation, ATH):

From Acadimias and Sina Street Bus Terminal: Bus Nr ”Γ5” to Cholargos or BusNr ”A5” to Agia Paraskevi. You get off at “Ethniki Amyna” bus stop.

From Alexandras Ave.: Bus Nr ”B5”. You get off at “Ethniki Amyna” bus stop.

By subway (METRO):

From Syntagma Square: Line 3 to “Doukisis Plakentias” terminal station. You get off at “Ethniki Amyna” station.

From Omonia Square: Line 2 to “Agios Dimitrios” terminal station. You get off at “Syntagma”connecting lines station. Then, line 3 to “ Doukissis Plakentias” terminal station. You get off at “Ethniki Amyna”.

By car:

From Syntagma Square: Drive along Vassilisis Sofias Ave. At the lower of Athens ( “Pyrgos Athinon”) turn right to Messogion Ave. and drive along. The Hellenic MoD is opposite of Athens General Hospital.

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If you wish to visit the Hellenic MoD, you should have requested beforehand a special pass, issued by the Office you visit.

Process of Communication between HNDGS & Companies of Armour Systems

The aim of visits, presentations or demonstrations of various companies of defense industry is to present relevant briefings to the HNDGS directories, along with parallel updates according to the collection of operational technicques and economic data on the issue of modern armour systems.

The Directory of Defensive Planning and Programming (DDPP) is the responsible staff Directory, on HNDGS level, for handling issues for the approval and materialization of all nature of presentations and demonstrations concerning armour systems, as well as for the relevant correspondencewith companies or their representatives – private individuals, that concern the said subjects.

Τhe approvedprocess of communication with companies or their representatives, in order to communicate with HNDGS, is the following:

a. The request of a given company to the HNDGSto give a presentation or a demonstration should be in writing in under form of letter and addressed to the responsible Directory.

b. Following the aforementioned letter concerning the presentatation of armour systems for the

Greek Army, the responsible Directoriesof HNDGS will evaluate the proposal and will accept or deny it.Then the Directory of Defensive Planning and Programming of HNDGS will reply in writing to the relevant company or its representative that extended the request.

It is crucial that the bellow issues should be underlined.

a. HNDGSdoes not undertake commitments of any sort to the companies, in the case of a positive reply on their request for the realisation of presentation or briefing.

b. The presentations / briefings will take be in the Greek language, in the cases that they will take place in HNDGS headquarters.

c. The outcome of the presentations of various companies concerns only the Staff officers of the Directories of HNDGS and the relevant members of the various Permanent Armament Committees, it does not stand for an authorized evaluation on the products of the companies.

For further information we advise you to conduct us to the telephones 210-6574173, 210-6574176 or to the G.ARVANITHS[at]