International Commission on Military History

The ICMH was established in 1938 to promote the studies of military history on a global scale, as well as the co-operation between the researchers of this so interesting field. It is under the direct command of the International Commission of Historical Sciences (which is part of UNESCO) and comprises 41 National Commissions of Military History from every continent of the world, as its members.

The main activities of the ICMH are the organization of the International Congresses on Military History and the publication of the International Journal of Military History. It includes three more committees: the “Bibliographic Committee”, the “Military Archives Committee” and the “Education Commitee”. The work of these three International Committees makes a powerful contribution to promoting research and study of military history, both at a national and international level.

The current Executive Board of the ICMH was elected in 2015 and consists of:

Executive Board

President: Prof. Dr. Massimo de Leonardis (Italy)
Vice-President: Dr. Efpraxia Paschalidou (Greece)
Vice-President: Dr. Hans Pawlish (USA)
Secretary General: LtCol (GS) Dr. Kris Quanten (Belgium)
Treasurer: Prof. Dr. Jan Hoffenaar (Netherlands)