From 13 to 22 November 2019, the European Union Operational Headquarters (EU-OHQ) conducted the Field Training Exercise (FTX) «TALOS-19» and the Command Post Exercise (CPX) «LIVEX – 19».

These exercises were planned and conducted in the frame of the HELBROC BG, which is a multinational  Battlegroup (BG) designated to provide rapid response to an evolving crisis situation. Greece, as a framework-nation, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Romania and Ukraine participated in the the aforementioned exercises.

On Friday, November 20, 2019, the Distinguished Visitors Day (DV Day) took place at «KOROMILA» camp, in the city of Argiroupolis, Kilkis. The DV Day activities were attended by the commander of EU-OHQ, Lt. General Konstantinos Floros, on behalf of the Greek Chief of Defence (CHOD),  General Christos Christodoulou.