The peace keeping Mission in Sudan AMIS has been deployed since of June 2004 at Al Fasher (Darfur) consisting of 1.056 military personnel and ten human rights observers. The Mission has been tasked with Observation /Verification of the UN Chapters Article VI, which states the conduct of operation following the consent of the country. Peace Keeping Forces are sent following a cease-fire agreement between the conflicting parties and are responsible for observing and maintaining the peace between the two parties. The main objectives of the UN-lead Multinational Force operation is the peace support in Sudan, provisional assistance to the Government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement for the implementation of the Peace Accord provisions, signed in Nairobi.

To date ,the AMIS military force amounts to 10.130 personnel from the African Union Member States (750 Observers, 162 Staff Officers, 4.150 Defence Forces and 5.070 allocate to Engineering , transport , medial corps ect.) and 755 police men.

The UN resolution concerning the Peace Keeping Force mission was intended for the close cooperation with AMIS.

The operation will approximately last seven years and the mission will be the provisional support and implementation of the Peace Accord, signed in Nairobi on the 9th of January 2005, between the Government and the Rebel Forces concerning the peace process between North and South.

Greece allocated the following personnel to the operation:

  1. One Military Observer and one Staff Officer from the Army (HAGS)
  2. Two Military Observers from the Navy (HNGS)
  3. One Military Observer and one Staff Officer from the Air Force (HAFGS)

Additionally, in the context of supporting NATO and the EU in AMIS, Greece allocated a C-130 a/c to transport the Senegal Battalion’s material and equipment , from Senegal to Sudan, from the 17th to 29th of August 2005.