Operation “UNIFIL”

According to UN Resolution 1701, which provided for the prohibition of HEZBOLLAH re-arming in Lebanon, an International Naval Force has been established conducting  patrols and controlling the maritime and air space off  the Lebanon territorial waters (12 n.m). The mission of UNIFIL is to conduct Maritime Control Operations aiming to prohibit illicit arms trafficking and related materiel to Lebanon, in cooperation with the authorities of Lebanon and providing support to them.

Between 18 September 2006 and 15 October 2006, an Interim Naval Force was established under the auspices of the Italian Navy (Initial Maritime Task Force 425).  The Hellenic Navy participated with a frigate from the very beginning of the establishment of the Force. Later on, apart from the frigate, dating from 20 April 2007, a torpedo boat was provided for the enhancement of the Maritime Task Force. On 20 December 2008, Greece  withdrew the frigate from the operation and currently is participating with a Guided Missile Fast Patrol Boat or a Gunboat.

Table of Hellenic Participations in Peace Support Operations