Operation “PROXIMA”


 (15 December 2003 – 15 December 2005)


The European Union Police Mission in FYROM launched operation PROXIMA, on the 15th of December 2004, as follow-on Mission to the E.U. mission CONCORDIA.

Regarding the operation PROXIMA, the following would be noted:

  1. Deployment of Police Forces, along the northern and western border of the country.
  2. The total Force amounts to approximately 180 persons, 160 of which come from 15 member states, 10 from states that are to be accepted, while the rest 20, from third countries
  3. The contribution of Greece consists of 5 officers of the Hellenic Police.

In accordance with the plan of the operation:

    1. The purpose is to support the reorganization of the police.
    2. The Police Forces of the E.U. do not bear weapons, except for the protection detachment.
    3. The Protection Detachment comprises of about 30 policemen bearing weapons, based at the FYROM Special Forces Camp near Skopje.
    4. MEDEVAC is coordinated by the Head of the Force, in cooperation with the hospitals engaged, and, if required, with NATO/E.U. member State (Greece) which has assumed the responsibility.

The contribution of the Hellenic Armed Forces to the operation is as follows:

Undertake MEDEVAC Missions under normal circumstances by allocating the necessary means (1HU-1H helicopter stationed at Alexandria, Greece during  day light, and 1 C-130 aircraft for night operations), with air evacuation capability to the 424th General Military Field Hospital in Thessaloniki within 6 hours, or to the 401st  General Military Hospital in Athens, subject to early warning.