Hellenic Navy contributes with forces in the context of operations conducted by U.S.A. and their allies in Central Asia. The International Naval Force is under U.S. Central Command, whose AOR includes the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean.

On the 12th of  February 2002, the Governmental Council on Foreign Policy and National Defense decided to allocate to operation “Enduring Freedom” , one MEKO or “S” type frigate, carrying a S-70B6 or AB-212 helicopter respectively, and  a SEAL Team  on board of the frigate.

Frigate “PSARA” was the first to be deployed in the Persian Gulf on the 14th of March 2002, for an approximate 3 month period being replaced by Frigates “SPETSES”, “ADRIAS”, “HYDRA”, “KOUNDOURIOTIS” and finally “NAVARINON” all being replaced in turn , returned to base on the  1st of September. The carried out up missions included:

  • Maritime Interception Operations
  • Assisting supply units and aircraft carriers
  • Sea lines of Communication Control and Protection Operations
  • Search and Rescue Operations

In the context of the Operations, the following forces, means and facilities have been allocated:

  • Souda Naval Dockyard,  activated as a Forward Logistic Site (FLS) with increased measures of anti-air defense
  • Souda Airfield has been allocated to support allied aircraft
  • Special security measures for the military facilities used by NATO or U.S. forces have been applied.
  • Athens Naval  Hospital, with full hospital treatment, if required
  • Additionally, 1 Naval Officer  has been assigned to HQ U.SCENTCOM at Taba, Florida, USA.

Table of Hellenic Participations in Peace Support Operations