Operation “AMBER FOX”


(26 September 2001 – 15 December 2002)


On the 26th of September 2001, NAC authorized SACEUR, General Joseph Ralston, activated “Amber Fox” Operation to protect International Observers who were tasked with the monitoring of the implementation of Peace Plan in FYROM. Germany was the lead-nation in this operation. The strength of the Force initially amounted to 700 men approximately, and, if necessary, the Force would be assisted by 300 men, already deployed in the area. The mission would last for three (3) months and, if necessary, be extended. The operation was finally concluded on the 15th of December 2002.



Greece contributed 28 cadres to the mission, as follows:

  • Eight (8) cadres as an augmentation to Headquarter Staff, to cover vacancies
  • Four (4) cadres to the German Brigade Headquarter
  • Three (3) liaison teams. Totally, twelve (12) persons with transportation vehicles
  • One (1) ambulance with the required medical and nursing personnel and more specifically one (1) doctor, two (2) nurses and one (1) driver

In response to a request made by President Traikovski, NAC agreed to continue the support of FYROM with a new Mission,  on the 16th of  December 2002.

Recognizing that Operation “AMBER FOX” could be terminated successfully, NAC agreed that there was a demand to continue international military presence in the country, so that the risks of destabilization would be minimized.