North Iraq – UNGCI

(26 July 1991 – 11 September 2003)

Since mid-July 1991, the U.N. Guards Contigent in N. Iraq (UNGCI) was established, following an agreement between U.N. representives and the Goverment of Iraq. Greece contributed 30 cadres from the three services of the Armed Forces, since 26 July 1991.

The mission of the U.N. Guards Contingent was to observe N. Iraq area, following the withdrawal of the Iraqi forces, and to protect humanitarian organizations that were providing assistance to the Kurdish local population.

Following a U.N. Secretariat decision to reduce the number of the observers, eight (8) posts were allocated to Greece.

The Tasks of the Mission included:

  • Provision of general support
  • N. personnel and material protection
  • Medical support provision
  • Support in the field of communications and tranportation
  • Verification of the implementation of the security plans.

Greece, before the 2nd Gulf War, contributed seven cadres: five (5) from the Army, one (1) from the Navy and one (1) from the Air Force.

The mandate was suspended on 20 March 2003, and most of the Greek and foreign personnel returned home, remaining, however on a 48-hour alert. Finallly, the Mission concluded on 11 September 2003, following a U.N. decision.