On Thursday 13th August 2020 and within the framework of the Greece-French military cooperation, a joint naval exercise involving the two countries’ assets and personnel, was held in the eastern Mediterranean maritime region, including in the area bounded by an illegal NAVTEX issued by Turkey to conduct seismic survey.

In particular, Greece participated with the Frigates HS SPETSAI, HS AIGAION, HS LIMNOS, HS KOUNTOURIOTIS and France with a Task Force consisting of the Helicopter Carrier / Amphibious Assault Ship FS TONNERRE and the Frigate FS LA FAYETTE.

The exercise included naval maneuvering, joint operational planning, tactical data exchange, communications and aircraft cooperation serials. Τhe exercise enhanced the operational capabilities and readiness of all assets involved and promoted the cooperation and mutual understanding of all participants in the framework of the alliance .

Furthermore and as part of the two countries’ military cooperation, two French RAFALE fighter aircraft landed and are being accommodated at the facilities of 115 Battle Wing in Souda Reg., Crete.