On Friday 7th of February 2020, the final phase of the Field Training Exercise (FTX) “ALEXANDER THE GREAT-2020 (ATG-20)” took place with the execution of an amphibious assault on Skyros island.

“ATG-20” is an international/joint live exercise being conducted from 27 January up to 8 February 2020 in the region of Magnisia, Central and Northern Aegean Sea (within the limits of Athens FIR). It was planned and conducted by a multinational staff of Greek, French and US Officers. The following forces participated:

_ GRC: Marines, Special Operation Forces, Main Battle Tanks, Self-propelled Guns, ships (Frigates and Landing Ship Tank), air assets (rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft).

­_FRA: Marines, helicopters and the Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) “DIXMUDE”.

_USA: Marines and helicopters.

In the context of the exercise, trilateral training on realistic basis took place such as small arms fire, mortar fire, Military Free Fall (MFF) jumps, procedures regarding Close Combat Attack, Close Air Support and Joint Terminal Attack Controller(JTAC).