Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) – NHQ SKOPJE

In the framework of NATO Force Review in Balkans, a new NATO Headquarters was established in Skopje, in April 2002, out of the  two existing Headquarters in FYROM, the KFOR Rear Headquarters and the Brigade of “AMBER FOX” Operation.

NHQs,  under the command of the Senior Military Representative (SMR), is subordinated directly to the CINCOUTH and has the following Missions:

Following an order issued by CINCSOUTH, NATO Headquarters in Skopje provides support to the Observers of the National Organizations in order to contribute to the stability of the country and the region, by performing specific duties, as follows:

  • Command over all NATO as well as NATO subordinate forces within FYROM.  Investigation of all reports referring to violations of the truce.
  • Support KFOR and ensure communication lines in the country, including coordination of the activities of National Support Elements. Investigation of all reports referring to violations of the truce.
  • Facilitate the exchange and release of information, aiming at the support and military cooperation with the General Staff, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of the Interior and other Governmental Authorities that would be authorized by NATO to investigate reports for violation of the truce.
  • Cooperation with other International Organizations investigating violations of the truce.
  • Acting as liaison to Governmental Authorities, in cooperation with the Ambassador of NATO to FYROM, on a case by case basis.

Table of Hellenic Participations in Peace Support Operations