Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – ECMM – EUMM

Following a joint announcement by E.U. and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, on July of 1991, the establishment of a European Community Monitoring Mission (ECMM) was authorized.

The purpose of the Mission was to monitor the implementation of the cease-fire agreement and other agreements that have been signed between warring parties and the E.U. The mission acted as a neutral mediator trying to solve problems.

The task of ECMM was to collect information, to analyze and to forward it to the E.U., for member-states to be briefed on the developments, which vary in nature (political, humanitarian, and economic) and mainly on those regarding security issues in the warring zones.

Military Observers from E.U. member-states, as well as Norway and Slovakia, participated in the Mission.

In the context of E.U. initiatives and activities, the E.U. Monitor Mission was established to solve the problems in Former Yugoslavia, peacefully. Greece allocated the following personnel to the E.U. Monitor Committee, the task of which is to observe the implementation of “BRONI” Agreement, concerning Yugoslavia:

  1. Nine (9) Army officers, from July of 1991 to December of 1993
  2. Ninety-two (92) cadres from the three Services of the Armed Forces, from the 1st of January to the 30th of June 94 (during the six-month Greek Presidency of the E.U.)
  3. Twenty-four (24) cadres, since 1-7-94. Currently, after forces reduction, Greece participates with fifteen (15) cadres, allocated to the Committee (Six (6) from the Army, five (5) from the Navy and three (3) from the Air Force).