General Ioannis Giagkos

Chief of Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS)

General Ioannis Giagkos is the Chief of the National Defence General Staff. He took office on 6 August 2009, after nomination by the Governmental Council on Foreign Policy and National Defence (GCFPND).

Under his capacity, General Giagkos is the principal military adviser to the Minister of National Defence, participates in and advises the GCFPND, when necessary, and he is the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff Council. Also, as Chief of Defence, he is the Operational Commander of the Armed Forces.

Born in 1951 at Trikala, Thessalia, General Ioannis Giagkos graduated from the Hellenic Air Force Academy in 1974. Having served in strike and air-defence units, he has an extensive experience as a fighter pilot with more than 4000 flight hours in F-4Ε and F-16 fighters.

With a term of office on major operational positions at all levels of the chain of command including F-16 Squadron Commander, Combat Wing Commander, Deputy Chief Hellenic Air Force General Staff and Hellenic Tactical AF Commander and CAOC-7 Commander, General Giagkos has a complete expertise as an Operational Commander.

Before his nomination as Chief of Defence, General Giagkos was Chief of the Hellenic Air Force General Staff (Jan 2007, until Aug 2009).

His background includes operations in national environments and exercises, at the tactical, operational and strategic level, national and multi-national. He has also served as staff officer at SHAPE (1991-3).

General Giagkos has also attended a wide range of military national and alliance schools, colleges and fora, on various areas of expertise.

The Chief of Defence has been honoured with distinctions, medals and decorations of his grade, including Knight Commander High Cross of Merit, Staff Officer Commendation Medal 1st Class and Formation – Major Unit Command Commendation Medal 1st Class. Additionally, he awarded the Medal of National Order of erit Commander (Grade de Commandeur dans l’ Ordre National du Me’ rite), following a decree signed by the President of the French Republic Nicolas Sarkozy.

General Ioannis Giagkos is married to Mena and they have three children.