Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis HN

Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS)

Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis HN, was born in Rethymnon Crete on May 14th, 1957. He joined the Hellenic Naval Academy in 1976 and was commissioned as Ensign of the Hellenic Navy in July 1980.

He was promoted to:

Lieutenant Junior Grade 1983
Lieutenant 1987
Lieutenant Commander 1992
Commander 1997
Captain 2004
Commodore 2009
Rear Admiral 2011
Vice Admiral 2012
Admiral 2015

He has completed the Underwater Demolitions Team School of the Hellenic Navy and he is a graduate of the Advance Mine Warfare School (Belgium), Amphibious Warfare School USMC (USA) and Hellenic Navy War College.

His sea duty assignments include various tours. He served mainly on Destroyers and Amphibious ships as Communication, Navigation and Operations Officer.

He served as the Commanding Officer of MSC HS ATALANTI, MSC HS KISSA and FFGH HS NAVARINON.

His shore and staff assignments include service as Deputy Commander and Commander of the Underwater Demolition Command, Adjutant of the Minister of National Defence, Director of Administration of Souda Naval Base, Chief of Staff of Senior Naval Command Aegean and Deputy Chief of Staff STRIKEFORNATO.

As Commodore he assumed duties of Director of the Hellenic Navy General Staff Personnel Branch. As Rear Admiral he was assigned Deputy Commander in Chief of Hellenic Fleet and Chief of Staff of Hellenic National Defence General Staff. Promoted to Vice Admiral, he served as Deputy Chief of Hellenic National Defence General Staff.

On March 7th 2013, he was appointed Chief of Hellenic Navy General Staff.

On September 15th 2015, upon decision of the Governmental Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence, he assumed the duty of Chief of Hellenic National Defence General Staff and was promoted to Admiral.

He has been awarded with all the medals, decorations and commendations stipulated for an officer of his rank and seniority.

He is married and has two sons.