S/NDateFormationsA/CArmedA/C CN-235Ε/ΠTotal A/CInfringements of Air Trafic Regulations (ICAO)Violations of National Air SpaceEngagements With HAF Interception FigthersOverflights of National TerritoryArea
2228/02/2016----1125--Southeastern Aegean Sea
2127/02/2016----1112--Southeastern Aegean Sea 
2026/02/2016---1-11---Southeastern Aegean Sea
1925/02/2016---1123---Central and Southeastern Aegean Sea
1824/02/2016---1-11---Central Aegean Sea
1723/02/2016---112716--Central Aegean Sea
1622/02/20161622-85362-Northeastern, Central and Southeastern Aegean Sea
1520/02/2016----111--- Central Aegean Sea
1418/02/2016---32574--Southeastern Aegean Sea
1317/02/2016---46101017-1Southern and Southeastern Aegean Sea
1216/02/201631443522123--Northeastern and Southeastern Aegean Sea
1115/02/20161621-72222-Northeastern, Central and Southeastern Aegean Sea
1012/2/2016---1-121--Southeastern Aegean Sea
911/2/2016162--624--Northeastern Aegean Sea
810/2/2016---1-11---Southeastern Aegean Sea 
79/2/2016162-1722--Northeastern Aegean Sea
68/2/2016---1-11---Southeastern Aegean Sea
57/2/2016----111---Southeastern Aegean Sea 
44/2/2016---1235---Southeastern Aegean Sea
33/2/20161621-7213--Northeastern, Central and Southeastern Aegean Sea
22/2/2016162--6142-Northeastern and Central Aegean Sea
11/2/2016242116641-Northeastern, Central and Southeastern Aegean Sea


  • Violating aircraft(s) are identified and intercepted, according to the relevant international rules and procedures.
  • Each time violations and infringements are committed, the relevant detailed reports are officially forwarded to the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • ICAO = International Civil Aviation Organization
  • HAF = Hellenic Air Force
  • A/C = Aircraft
  • HELO = Helicopter