Congo – Operation “ARTEMIS”

(12 July – 1 September 2003)

By the 1484/30-5-2003 UN Security Council Resolution No.1484, the establishment of a Mission to Congo was authorized to smooth the situation and secure the area of BUNIA at the People’s Republic of Congo.

The EU-led operation, under code name “Artemis”, was launched on the 12th of July 2003 and the deployed force was defined as an IEMF (Interim Emergency Multinational Force); the force was under the command of France.

Greece contributed with:

  1. Two officers of the Army, in staff duties, at the HQ Operations in Paris, France.
  2. One C-130 transport a/c to support the operations. The plane conducted two flights per month on the route: Elefsis (Greece) – Istress (France) -Tzamena (Chad) – Edebe (Uganda) and vice versa, with interim stop at Tunis to refuel and flights between Tzamena (Chad) – Edebe (Uganda) without entering the air space of Congo.

The mission was concluded on the 1st of September 2003. The deployed forces withdrew from the area and U.N. MONUC (UN Organization in the Democratic Republic of Congo) deployed in the area.