The violent conflict in neighboring state of Sudan and in particular in Darfur region, projected a large refugee wave to Chad and to the Central African Republic (Approximately 23000 people). As consequent event, civilians have been displaced from their homes and, thus, the region is suffering from a humanitarian crisis.

Essential precondition for the initiation of a mission in the region was a UN Security Council decision. It was issued on the 25th of September 2007 (Resolution No. 1778/2007) and an authorization was given for the development of an UN- led multipurpose international force in the region, for one year, under the name MINURCAT (United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad).

Additionally, with the above resolution the EU has been authorized to undertake operations in the region, under the EUFOR TCHAD/RCA codename for a one year period from the time of announcement of the initial operational capability. The succeeding scheme of the EU mission taking over from UN forces will be discussed in due time, prior to the alleged subject time period.

The objective of the EU mission to Chad and the Central African Republic is to attain, general stability and a secured environment by:

  • Contributing to the protection of the citizens in danger.
  • Facilitating in the distribution of humanitarian aid and the unimpeded movement of the personnel in distributing the aid, to assist in the improvement of the security environment in the area of operations.
  • Contributing to the protection of UN personnel, facilities and equipment, as well as in security for the unimpeded movement of personnel.
  • Encouraging in the voluntary return of internally displaced persons, refugees and people who have been displaced, especially in the Dar Sin region.

Hellenic participation in the mission is as follows:

(1) Three 3 staff officers at the Operational Headquarters in Paris (Mount Valieren) France (Nov. 2007), and one 1 staff officer at the Force Headquarters in Chad (Apr.2008).

(2) One 1 C-130H for tactical and military airlifts in the Chad Region (April 2008 – Nov 2008).