“ATHENA” 2011

The “Athena ’11” Crisis Management International Conference is the 13th annual “Athena”  Conference organized by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS) under the auspices – since 2008 – of the Hellenic Ministry of National Defence.

The “Athena ’11” Conference will take place in the city of Thessaloniki, from 01st until  04th of June 2011 at the “I. Vellidis Congress Centre”.  The tutorial phase  of the event will cover the first three days, whereas the last day (04th June) is aimed  at social/cultural events.

The conference provides an international forum for new ideas, concepts and approaches concerning the field of crisis management. Featuring a range of special sessions, the “Athena ’11” focuses on analysing current instabilities in the international crisis  management system and exploring emerging methods, possibilities for increased cooperation and specialization. It aspires to promote discussion and exchange of views and experiences between various key partners, international actors and across government offices on multidimensional  crisis management initiatives, best practices and common challenges.

Photos from Conference

Photos from Thessaloniki

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