Afghanistan (ISAF)

On January 15, 2002, the Hellenic Governmental Council on Foreign Affairs and National Defense (KYSEA), with its decision no.3/2002, approved the deployment of the Hellenic Forces in Afghanistan, specifically in the KABUL area and its environs, in compliance with the Bonn Agreement, dated 5 December 2001 and based on the UN Security Council Resolution no.1510 (non-deployment of the Hellenic troops outside the city of Kabul constitutes a national restriction).

Starting on 19th February 2002, the following forces were deployed:

  • A Hellenic Army Engineers Company for Peacekeeping missions
  • Support and security echelons
  • National Support Element-NSE (in Karachi, Pakistan), and a
  • Small number of staff officers, in liaison role, at various ISAF headquarters
  • two (2) C-130s in airlift/ transport role (in Karachi, Pakistan)

The total force of the Hel¬lenic contribution amounted to 175 men.

The duration of the Hellenic sojourn was initially determined to three (3) months, i.e. until 30th April 2002. Consequently, the Defense Council (SAM) gradually decided to extend the period until today.

The mission of the Hellenic Force in Afghanistan is:

  • To assist the efforts of the Afghan Government to reconstruct the country, offering humanitari¬an aid, constructions and pub¬lic services support.
  • To enhance the level of cooperation between the Hellenic Armed Forces and the Forces of the other countries participating in ISAF.
  • To participate, once again, in the implementation of the UN Security Council resolutions.

Following the Hellenic Governmental Council on Foreign Affairs and National Defense (KYSEA’s) decision, taken in November 2009, at present time, the Hellenic Armed Forces participate in the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan, as following:

  • The Hellenic Composite Battalion in Afghanistan (TESAF) that includes an Engineers Company. Its’ manning counts 122 cadres. It is assigned to make infrastructure work, as follows :

    – Construction-reconstruction and  road – bridge widening

    – Distribution of humanitarian aid

    – Reconstruction of schools and other governmental buildings

    – Construction of buildings for technical and support services in KAIA

  • With 16 cadres manning the ISAF Headquarters,
  • With 22 officers manning the OMLT team of the 201st unit of the Afghan National Army
  • 56 cadres manning the KAIA (Kabul International Airport).
  • The Hellenic Air Force with C-130s has transported to and from the United Arab Emirates personnel and material, to be forwarded to KABUL.

Additionally, Greece has contributed twenty eight (28) Officers at SEEBRIG Headquarters that undertook command of the KABUL Multinational Brigade, from February to August 2006. Based on the agreement for the contribution of the member-states during operations, Greece covered the 17.82 % of the budget for SEEBRIG.

From April to October 2010, Greece has the responsibility of the Com¬mand, Organization and Operation of the KAIA, a mission which Greece had also successfully accomplished during the period from December 2005 to March 2006.

Also from 22nd August 2005 to 02 April 2007, the 299th Hellenic Field Surgery Hospital (KIXNE), was deployed in KABUL, which was a medical-treatment unit of 30 beds capacity and 47 cadres, with operational function. The Unit / Hospital functioned operationally within the KAIA (Kabul International Airport). The Unit provided support to Hellenic and ISAF personnel and organized training of specialized Afghan civilian doctors. The Adriatic Charter Countries (Albania Croatia – FYROM) also contributed to the manning of the hospital, with an Officer and three NCOs each. Since the beginning of its operational status, and until 02nd April 2007, the hospital had conducted the following physical examinations:

International ISAF personnel 2685
Afghanis 1875
Other examinations 899
Laboratory examinations 1729
X-rays 956
Ultra-sound examinations 239
Dental 976
Surgery examinations 363
Surgery operations 78
Total of patients 712
Evacuations 68
Veterinary Examinations 980

In the framework for Humanitarian Aid towards the Government and people of Afghanistan, the Hellenic Armed Forces have donated an array of means and materials such as; power generators, personal computers, forklifts, pick-up trucks, tents, GPS’s, water purification equipment, ect.

The personnel of the Hellenic Contingent Afghanistan also has distributed about 7.500 uniforms, 1200 jackets and field rations to schools of Kabul and its environs.
On 4th Dec. 2008 following the approval of the HNDGS and the agreement of the Hellenic MoFA, a MITSUBISHI civilian ambulance in good working order, equipped with four wheel chairs and a stretcher, was donated to the Afghan Government (Ministry of Health) by the Hellenic Special Composition Battalion in Afghanistan.

On August 17, 2010, was signed in Kabul, by the Greek Ambassador in Pakistan Mr. Petros Mavroidis and Afghan Deputy Minister of Defence Mr Mohamed Faouzi, agreement on the four Afghan students studying in Higher Military Educational Institutions (ASEI) of Greece. The agreement provides for two students attending the Military Academy (SSE) and two students at the Military School Corps Officers (SSAS) from the academic year 2010-2011.

Final Report of the Participation of the Hellenic Military Engineers to Afghanistan Reconstruction
Table of Hellenic Participations in Peace Support Operations