From Wednesday 4 to Thursday 5 March 2014, a two day conference was held at HNDGS Hqs, aiming to discuss and plan the  technical and operational part of Pan-European Internet Security Exercise “Cyber Europe 2014” (CE 2014).


CE 2014, organised by  ENISA (European  Union  Agency for Network and Information Security),  is a multi-levelled  Pan-European cyber-exercise,  which will be conducted in different stages throughout 2014. 
The exercise is based upon the simulation of incidents and aims to control the EU management capability  in cases of threats concerning the internet. The objective of the exercise is to enhance the capability of the  EU, its member-states and the professional community to avoid, manage and respond to issues concerning networks and  information systems security, by means of  improving the response capability to emergencies, and  the overall security and durability of information infrastructure of critical importance in Europe.


On HNDGS part, the exercise was attended by Cyberdefence Directorate personnel.