On Friday 14 February 2014, the Forward Peace Support Operations Officers School, conducted at the Multinational Peace Support Operational Training Centre facilities,  was completed.

During the two-week long school, students received theoretical training  in basic  matters  concerning the operation of multinational Headquarters, as well as in practical matters by participating  in operation “WHITE DOVE 2014”,  in the context of which they organised an operations centre for the support of a peace keeping operation. Additionally they were trained in the NATO application “Virtual Battle”  (NATO Virtual Battle Space – VBS).

The school was attended by 25 trainees, military and civilian personnel from Greece, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

The training team was staffed by trainers from Greece, Bulgaria, Spain and Italy, while the practical training was supported by  NRDC-GR and MPSOTC Officers.


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