The bilateral exercise “Cascade Gambit” between Greek and US Special Operations Units, held from 7 to 17 January 2014, is completed. The exercise was held  in Megara, at the Elefsina bay, the 131 Combat Wing in Aktio and in the Myrtoan Sea (Karavia shooting range).

The aim of the exercise was co-training in special operations matters, in parachute jump practice, in rubber vessel packaging and dropping, as well as in the packaging and dropping of different types of loads in a land or marine environment, in day light and at night.

The exercise, organised by care of the  HNDGS Special Forces Joint Command, with the 31st  Search and Rescue Operations Squadron being responsible for its planning and  execution, was attended on the Greek part by Special Operations Units personnel from all three Armed Forces Services, while on the US part it was attended by US Air Force Special Operations Forces personnel (352 Special Operations Group). Additionally, three (3) MC-130J and three (3) CV-22 aircraft were used to cover the airlift /air transport requirements of the exercise.

The co-training, which succeeded a series of previous co-trainings, contributed decisively to the enhancement of the operational capabilities of Greek Special Operations Units, and simultaneously it consolidated the excellent cooperation between the Special Operations       Units of the two countries.


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