On Monday 25 Nov 2013 HNDGS Chief General Mikhail Kostarakos accompanied by HN Chief Vice-Admiral Evangelos Apostolakis and Chief HAF Lt. General Evangelos Tournas embarked on frigate “ADRIAS” to observe exercise “THALASSIOS GRYPAS 2013”.


During the exercise, which was held at NAMFI, Crete, surface-to-surface PENGUIN MK-2 MOD 3 fires were successfully launched against a floating target by a HN torpedo boat and air to air-to-surface AGM-65 MAVERIC fires were delivered by HAF F-16 and F-4 aircraft.


The scheduled AGM 114 K1 HELLIFIRE fires by AH-64 DHA and AH64A+(APACHE), and GBU-12 fires delivered by F-16 aircraft were not executed, due to the sinking of the target. These will be rescheduled and executed in the near future.