NRDC-GR  Exercise  “GORDIAN KNOT”  was  held  from  4  to 15 November 2013,  in the Area of Assiros, Thessaloniki.


The  exercise  was  of a Command  Post  Deployment type (CDEPEX)  aiming  to  further enhance the NRDC-GR Operational capabilities for planning at Army Corps level, as well as to certify  internal  procedures in  the  context of  preparation for  its  evaluation as  a High Combat Ready HQs of the NATO Force Structure.


In total, 645 Officers and NCOs from 12 countries participated in the exercise, 20 of which were higher ranking  Officers  and representatives of other Alliance HQs, in the context of the Mutual Training Support of the NATO Land Forces Structure.


The exercise scenario anticipates a hypothetical crisis  in a fictitious part of the world and the NDC-GR HQs mission was the deployment /conduct of NATO non-Article 5 operations, acting on a United Nations mandate.


On Friday 15 November, day of Distinguished Visitors, the exercise was attended by the Minister of Macedonia and Thrace,  Mr. Theodoros Karaoglou, accompanied  by HNDGS Chief General Mikhail Kostarakos, the Chief of the Montenegrin General  Staff,  Admiral Dragan SAMARDIC, the Commander of Allied Land Command Hqs, Lt General Frederick Ben Hodges, the  Deputy Chief of  Staff of  the Turkish General  Staff,  Lt. General Erdal OZTURK, the MNC  NE  Commander, Lt. General Boguslav SAMOL,  the Deputy  Com-mander  of  NRDC TR,  Major  General  Antonio  SATTA,  envoys  to  Thessaloniki  and representatives of the Allied countries and NATO HQs.



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