HNDGS Chief General Mikhail Kostarakos participated in the works of the NATO Military Committee Conference at CHODS level,  concluded on September 15, 2013.


Opening the Conference  with a comprehensive outlook of the security situation in Middle East and North Africa, NATO Chiefs of Defence reached a common understanding of the regional challenges and agreed to continue monitoring the situation in Syria closely.


During the Conference, NATO Chiefs of Defence  discussed the progress made in terms of security and stability in  the running NATO Operations in Kosovo (KFOR) and Afghanistan  (ISAF),   as well as the developments on the Smart Defence Initiative and Connected Forces Initiative Programs. Furthermore, the Military Committee gave its strong support to future Alliance Exercises,  signaling a shift/change in the focus of NATO from operations to operational readiness.


The next Military Committee Conference will take place in September 2014 in Vilnius, Lithuania.


On the sidelines of the Conference  CHOD met with the respective CHODS of  the USA, France, Turkey, Romania, Albania and Estonia  and discussed issues of mutual interest.