On Thursday, October 17, the Chief/HNDGS ,General Mikhail Kostarakos,  accompanied by the Chief/HAGS, Lt.General Athanasios Tselios, attended the program of the Distinguished Visitors Day of  “Talos 13” HELBROC EU Battlegroup Exercise. 


The exercise was conducted in Nea Santa, Kilkis, from 8 to 18 October. The purpose of the exercise was to prepare the evaluation and attestation of the Formation to be allocated to the EU in the first semester of 2014. 


In that context, HELBROC, following EU Council decision and in the context of UN resolution, will be able to conduct operations of crisis management and particularly humanitarian assistance operations as well as evacuation operations. 


The Hellenic Minister of Macedonia and Thrace, Mr. Karaoglou Theodoros, the Chief of Defence of Bulgaria, General Simeon Simeonov, and representatives from the participating countries attended the exercise, in which personnel from Greece, Bulgaria, Pomania and Cyprus participated.


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