‘Hellenic Spear 2013’ , a bilateral exercise between  Special forces of Greece and the USA took place in Attica area, from 12-21 July 2013.

The purpose of the  exercise mentioned above was, co-training in free fall jumps  and  airdrops  by Hellenic and USA air assets, on land, by day and night.

The Hellenic party participated with the Joint Special Forces Command and cadres from the Special Parachute Team, the Underwater Demolition Command, the 31 Research, Rescue Operations Squadron, the Army Aviation, the  Parachutist School and the 865 Air Supply Battalion, while the USA party  contributed personnel  from SOCEUR  1/10 SFG.

The said exercise, which was part of previous co-training, was realistic, as operational data were used and was conducted by using modern means and methods