From September 24 to 27, 2012, an inspection was conducted in Greece by a four-member group of inspectors from the Russian Federation implementing the Vienna Document 2011.


The purpose of this inspection was to verify that no military activities which had not been announced were conducted within the borders of a designated area.


The Vienna Document 2011 is a politically binding document which constitutes a broad list of Confidence and Security Building Measures.


In compliance with the Vienna Document 2011, visits of inspectors are organised to verify the annual data which are shared by the state parties. The inspections are conducted in active units and formations of the Land and Air Forces of OSCE member-states. The inspectors’ group of the Russian Federation visited 98 Higher National Guard Battalions Command (Mytilene), 88 Military Command (Lemnos), Tactical Command/41 Infantry Regiment (Samothrace) of the Hellenic Land Forces and 130 Combat Group (Lemnos) of the Hellenic Air Force.