The in-port portion of the multinational exercise “PHOENIX EXPRESS 2012”, which included naval interdiction and medical training, related to the provision of Combat First-Aid, was held from May 7 to 18 on the premises of  NATO Maritime Interdiction Operation Training Center (NMIOTC). The NMIOTC was chosen to provide all participants with training as a modern, specialised and fully organised Training Centre.


The exercise Phoenix Express is an annual naval exercise planned and organised by the US (US Naval Forces Europe and Africa). Mediterranean countries which are NATO state-members or cooperate with NATO (PfP, Mediterranean Dialogue) are invited to participate in the exercise. Participating countries, except Greece and the US, are Algeria, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Turkey and Tunisia. The exercise is conducted in the Mediterranean Sea from May 7 to 30 and is divided in two portions, in-port portion and at-sea portion. Its purpose is to enhance regional cooperation at sea focusing on maritime control operations.


The at-sea portion of the exercise will be conducted in Central Mediterranean from May, 21 to 28 and will include a series of scenarios provided in real time by the Combined Maritime Operations Centre (CMOC), which is located in Oran, Algeria under the command of a Tunisian Captain and its goal is to enhance the at-sea operational readiness of naval Forces.


The Greek participation includes a frigate of the Hellenic Navy with its organic helicopter and a team of Naval Special Forces.