The Chief of Hellenic National Defence General Staff,   General Mikhail Kostarakos,  participated in the Meeting of the NATO Military Committee in Brussels, which  was concluded on the 26th of April 2012.

During the Meeting issues concerning ISAF were discussed, focusing on the procedure of the security control transition to the Afghan Security Forces, the provision of assistance after 2014,  as well as on the procedures of forces disengagement from the country. The Chief of HNDGS, during his speech, pointed out the political dimension of the  taking over of the country security by the Afghan people, as well as the need to continue the conciliation and aggregation  procedures of the Afghan people.

During the 18th NRC (NATO-Russia Council ) Meeting, the activities programme for 2011 was approved and followed a discussion on cooperation issues. The Chief of HNDGS stressed the importance of the implementation of the respective programme for 2012, reporting the implementation of an activity running this week  in the NATO – Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre (NMIOTC) in Souda Bay, concerning the training of Ship -Inspection and Command  teams of the Russian ship “VICE ADMIRAL KULAKOV”.

During the 4th Meeting of  NATO Committee-Georgia and the 28th Meeting of NATO Committee-Ukraine, the two countries presented their experiences gained from their participation in NATO Operations. The Hellenic  side reminded the importance of the  contribution of NMIOTC in the training support provided on issues of naval interdiction.

During the 167th Meeting of the Military Committee , issues concerning NATO current Operations were discussed (KFOR OCEAN SHIELD),  as well as the lessons learned from operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR in Libya. Additionally, the issues which will concern the Chicago NATO  Summit were discussed, focusing on   SMART DEFENCE issues and the Connected Forces Initiative.

Furthermore, issues concerning the implementation of the new NATO structure were discussed, while the appointment of high-ranking Officers to new Headquarters was approved.

Additionally, there was an update, followed by the exchange of views on security issues,   as well as on the perspectives  in the wider region of the Pacific and South-East Asia, in which participated the Ambassador of Australia to NATO and the EU Dr. Nelson.

Finally, in the fringe of the Meetings, bilateral contacts were held among  the CHODS of Germany, Spain, Rumania, Slovenia and Ukraine on issues of mutual interest.