The Chief of HNDGS, General Mikhail Kostarakos will participate in the following meetings of the EU and NATO Military Committees in Brussels on April 24-26 2012 as follows:


  a. Meeting of the EU Military Committee.
  In this meeting, the Committee will discuss issues concerning EU Military Operations. Special emphasis will be given to operations conducted in the Horn of Africa. It will also discuss issues of cooperation in developing capabilities within the context of the common security and defence policy (CSDP).


  b. 167th meeting of the Military Committee (MC).
  The committee will discuss the progress of the Alliance Operations currently conducted, with an emphasis on ISAF and the progress of transferring control to the Afghan Armed Forces, as well as issues regarding the preparation of Chicago meeting.


  c. 18th meeting of NATO-Russia Council(NRC)
  The council will exchange views on the strategic cooperation programme with Russia and on how this cooperation may evolve practically in the next years.


  d. 28th meeting of NATO Military Committee-Ukraine (NATO Ukraine Council)
  The Council, in the meeting, will exchange views on NATO-Ukraine cooperation.


  e. 4th meeting of NATO-Georgia Commission (MC+Georgia)
  The commission will discuss the contribution and experience of Georgia in the Alliance Operations.