The Conference of  “Libya Friends Committee”, held in Doha, Qatar, on  26th October 2011, has been concluded.

The Conference was attended by the Defence Chiefs of countries that participated in the operations in Libya, the Chairman and the members  of Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) and the Ministers of Defence and Interior of Libya.

During the Conference, the National Transitional Council  addressed the requirements for the support of Libya the day after, focusing on security conditions (provision of technical means for the reorganization of the country, the collection, control and security of weapons, the smooth reversion of citizens to their social role).

The Chief HNDGS,in his intervention, reiterated the intention of Greece to keep supporting Libya at a bilateral or multilateral level, to make Crete and its facilities as well as the Multinational Coordinating Centre for Strategic Maritime  Transport available for the transportation of humanitarian aid.

The Chief HNDGS had a meeting with the Sheikh, Heir Apparent of Qatar, who thanked Greece and stressed the importance of Greece’s  contribution to the success of the whole operation. He also expressed his satisfaction at the dynamics developed during the cooperation between the Armed Forces of the two countries.

Finally, the Chief HNDGS, on the margins of the Conference, met the Libyan Minister of Defence who thanked him, in his turn, for the contribution of Greece to the operations and expressed his wish for further cooperation.

The next Conference will be held in Tripoli, Libya.