It is announced that the 17th Crisis Management Exercise – “ CMX – 11 “ – is conducted from October the 19th to October the 26th  of 2011. CMX Exercises have been conducted since 1992 on an annual basis to exercise military and civilian staff in crisis management procedures at strategic level.

The involved personnel will participate in the exercise remaining in allied capitals at NATO HQ and in both two Strategic Commands, (ACO and ACT). According to the exercise specifications, forces will not be deployed.

Officials from 28 NATO member – states, the NATO HQ and its Strategic Commands as well as two PfP member- states (Finland and Sweden) participate in the exercise. Additionally, personnel  from International Organizations (UN, EU, OSCE and the Red Cross) attend the exercise as observers.

At national level, staff from the HNDGS and the other three General Staffs as well from the following Bodies of Greece participate in the exercise:
.  Ministry for National Defence
.  Ministry for Foreign Affairs
.  Ministry for Citizen Protection with representatives from Police, Port Police, Fire Service, Civil Protection General Secretariat and National Intelligence Service
.  Information and Communication General Secretariat
.  Ministry for Economy,Competitiveness and Shipping
.  Ministry for Health and Social Solidarity
.  Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Communication Networks

The scenario for the exercise is fictitious and focuses on a call for consultations, in the context of Article 4 “ Threat of Territorial Integrity against a NATO Member – State”, and  at  the same time a possible allied response will be considered, in the context of Article 5   “Implementation of the Allied Collective Defence”.