It is announced that NATO MC Conference, at CHODs level, concluded its session on September 17,  2011.

During the Conference, issues were discussed concerning the developments in Afghanistan and the broader area. More specifically, in the presence of the Chief of Armed Forces of Pakistan, General Asfaq Kayani, the topic on the ongoing situation in Pakistan was presented. Discussion followed on the contribution of the Alliance to the reconstruction of Afghanistan to ensure the security and stability in the area after 2014.  
At the same time, exchange of views on the developments in N. Africa and the Middle East, following “the Arab Spring”, was made.

Additionally, talks were made on NATO current operations, mainly KFOR, following the resent developments, and “OCEAN SHIELD” operation against piracy.

In the context of NATO Strategic Doctrine, discussion was made on the procedures implementation of NATO new Command Structure including the promotion of multinational cooperation and other innovated ideas for the develop   of more cost-effective capabilities of the Alliance.

In the margins of the Conference, the Chief/ HNDGS, General Ioannis Giagkos met the Chairman of NATO MC, Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola and his French counterpart, Admiral Edouard Guillaud and discussed issues of mutual interest. The Chief/HNDGS had also a courtesy call with the Commander of the Turkish  Armed Forces, General Necdet Ozel, to congratulate him on the occasion of the assignment of his new duties.