The Hellenic National Defence General Staff, 2011 announces the following concerning the conduct of a Turkish search and rescue exercise, under the name Anadolu Yildizi 2011 (Anatolian Star 2011), which was conducted from 4 to 5 May 2011:


Given the provisions of the International Law, Turkey submitted a request to the Hellenic Responsible Authorities concerning the allocation of an area within Athens FIR, in international waters, to conduct a search and rescue exercise


The Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority, having the consent of the competent Authorities, issued a NOTAM approval with the following points:


All flying means participating in the exercise must submit flight plans 
All flying means must fly beyond the 10nm-zone of the National Air Space
The Joint Search and Rescue Coordination Center, in Piraeus, is the responsible Authority within Athens FIR


During the day of the conduct of the exercise, all a/c that entered Athens FIR, having track deviation, including those participating in the exercise, were intercepted and identified in compliance with Greece’s firm policy.

Later, the Turkish Side issued an illegal NAVTEX announcement, claiming that the exercise was conducted within a Turkish search and rescue area.


The Hellenic MoFA was properly informed and issued directives to the Greek Embassy in Ankara to make representations.