It is announced that from 3-5 May 2011 the Chief HNDGS, General , Ioannis Giagkos will attend the EUMC, and NATO MC Conferences, in Brussels, as follows:

a. European Union Military Committee Conference:  

The agenda of the Conference includes items regarding the EU led military operations, the implementation of the  Treaty of
Lisbon as well as cooperation in deploying capabilities in the framework of the Common   Defence and Security Policy (CDSP). 

b. 165th Military Committee Conference:

The agenda of the Conference includes items such as 

(1) current NATO led operations focusing on OCEAN SHIELD and ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR Operations.
(2) training and capabilities deployment in association with the Supreme Allied Command Transformation Command.

c. 27th NATO – UKRAINE Council  Conference
During the conference there will be an exchange of views on cooperation between NATO and Ukraine.

d. 16th NATO-Russia Council Conference.
During that conference there will be an exchange of views on the strategic programme of cooperation with Russia.

e. 3rd  NATO – GEORGIA  Commission Conference (MC+GEO)
The contribution of  GEORGIA to the Alliance led Operations will be discussed  during that Conference.

f. 1st Conference of the NATO- Non NATO  UNIFIED PROTECTOR contributing nations  (MC with OUP NNCN).

The situation in Libya,  the progress made in the UNIFIED PROTECTOR  operation and  the cooperation between NATO and Non NATO contributing nations will be the object of the conference.

g. 6th Conference of NATO- Non NATO ISAF contributing nations (MC with ISAF NNCN).

Discussions will focus on ISAF Operations and the process of control  passing to the   Afghan armed forces.