A Change of Command ceremony took place at the seat of the Hellenic Special Composition Battalion in Afghanistan on 25th March 2011. The outgoing Commander Lt Colonel Konstantinos Takopoulos handed the Command of the Unit to the Lt Colonel Ioannis Kindas. The ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of Greece to Pakistan, Mr Petros Mavroeidis, The Ambassador of the European Union to Afghanistan, Mr Vygaudas Usackas and the Deputy Minister of Culture of Afghanistan, Mr Omar Sultan.


The Hellenic Special Composition Battalion in Afghanistan comprises 124 cadres and is equipped with 74 vehicles-Engineering machinery. Its mission is to carry out infrastructure works, such as:


1. Road and bridge construction, reconstruction and widening works
2. Building construction to support Kabul Airport technical services
3. Work construction to reinforce camp security measures
4. Training of Afghan soldiers 
5. Reconstruction of school buildings
6. Snow clearing in wintertime
7. Earth moving works within the responsibility area of the Regional
Command Capital (RC-C)
8. Distribution of humanitarian aid


In the framework of humanitarian aid provided to the government and the people of Afghanistan, the Hellenic Armed Forces have supplied various means and equipment such as generating sets, computers, a forklift truck, vans, an ambulance,tents, GPS, water treatment equipment etc. the men of the Hellenic Special Composition Battalion have also distributed clothing, stationery and food supplies to schools in Kabul area.