On March 15 2011, a delegation of Russian Staff Officers visited the NATO Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Centre (NMIOTC) in the framework of the NATO-Russia military cooperation programme. During the visit, a briefing on the Centre’s mission, educational activities and possibilities took place, followed by a tour of the installations.

The NMIOTC mission is to conduct combined training for NATO units, aiming at enhancing their capability as far as the conduct of surface, air and underwater supervision missions, as well as the conduct of special missions for the support of Maritime Interdiction respective projects are concerned.

Moreover, NMIOTC aims at:
• Enhancing the specialization of naval units, in the framework of Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIO).
• Promoting abilities, interoperability and cooperation between naval units.
• Providing support to the SACT concerning the development of the MIO doctrine, the directive orders and handbooks, as well as the research, experimentation, model generation and simulation activities, in the framework of the broader interdiction operations (MIO).

Finally, the Centre offers its services to countries participating in organisations/alliances for the “Partnership for Peace” (PfP), the “Mediterranean Dialogue” (MD) and the “Istanbul Cooperation Initiative” (ICI).