It is announced that Standing NATO Mine Counter Measures Group 2 will be trained at the premises of Maritime Interdiction Operational Training Center from 27 January to 3 February in the context of its re-establishment on Crete, Greece. The training will include subjects on countering piracy and briefing on maritime interdiction operations.

SNMCMG 2 is the standing element from which the Mine Counter Measure Task Group of NATO Response Force is established.  The Group consists of Frigate SPETSES, as flag vessel, and the following mine hunters ships:


“KALLISTO” from Greece, “VIAREGGIO” from Italy, “HERTEN” from Germany and “TAJO” from Spain.
The control of (sea) straits and restricted waters, the ports access control as well as the maritime interdiction in the areas of operations constitute the main tasks of SNMCMG 2.