It is announced that the Hellenic Armed Forces, following a request of Israel, Albania and Montenegro allocated the following means to:




In order to deal with the huge forest fire in Haifa:
Five (5) CL-415 fire fighting A/C of the Hellenic Air Force. They operated from 3 to 5 December, conducting 29 flights and more than 500 water drops.  
One (1) C-130 A/C, during the early-morning hours of December 3, to transport personnel and materiel
One (1) C-130 A/C to transport a specialized team of the Disaster Management Special Unit on 4 December 




In order to assist the areas heated by extended floods in both countries:
One (1) SUPER PUMA Search and Rescue Helicopter of the Hellenic Air Force to Albania, from 4 December
One (1) CH-47D Helicopter of the 4th Hellenic Army Aviation Battalion to Albania to assist in the transportation of supplies to the flooded area, from 5 December
One (1) C-130 A/C of the Hellenic Air Force to transport Humanitarian Aid from Greece to Montenegro and Albania, on 5 December.