On 18 June 2010 a presentation was given to Defence Attaches in Athens on the Cyber defence Exercise, PANOPTIS -2010. The Ambassador of Estonia, Mr Adres Talvik , graced the occasion with his presence.
The Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral  Mr Panayotis Efstathiou, addressed the participants on behalf of  HNDGS.


During the presentation the Head of the Cyberdefence Directorate, HNDGS and Dr Ioannis Korovessis  at the office of  the Minister of State, responsible for the site www.opengov.gr presented the main conclusions drawn from the aforementioned exercise.
They focused on the following points:


• The need for cooperation with internet providers and generally the private sector
• The need for coordination in matters of policy and procedures
• The value of a central management of cyberattacks
• The need for evaluation and categorization of information infrastructure
• The need for full information on security matters provided by every user
• The importance of establishing a group of experts as a Direct Response Group.
• The need for extensive and continuous training of all users in the public sector agencies



Additionally, the speakers underlined the importance of interstate cooperation and cooperation between states and organizations enhances effectiveness in cyberdefence matters.



Exercise PANOPTIS -2010, conducted from 18-20 May, aimed at training those involved in preparing and testing procedures of defending against cyberwar actions and operations, or  countering the capability of a potential enemy to conduct such operations against the National Defence of Greece. It was organized  and coordinated by HNDGS, on the basis of  the experience and the successful participation of Greece in a similar NATO exercise, (NCDEX-09). The Hellenic Armed Forces, agencies of the broader Public Sector and the Academic Community participated in the Exercise.