On June 07 2010, General (AF) Ioannis Giagkos, Chief of Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNGS), accompanied by Vice Admiral Dimitrios Elefsiniotis, Chief of the Hellenic Navy General Staff (HNDGS), visited the frigate “SALAMIS” and observed, from the frigate’s Operations Centre, the night training operations of navy forces, in the framework of the exercise’s “Kataigis-10” first phase.

When the phase was completed, the Chief of HNDGS expressed his satisfaction for the impeccable planning and execution of the exercise, and congratulated all the participants in the exercise, sending the following congratulatory message.

      “I would like to point out my satisfaction for the chance I was given today by the frigate’s “SALAMIS” OPS Centre, to closely observe, along with the HNGS Chief, the first phase of the exercise “KATAIGIS-10”; an exercise with the substantial participation of Army and Air Force Units, which brings out its joint character.

      The impeccable planning and execution of the exercise subjects I observed is another tangible proof of the capabilities, readiness and high training level of the Hellenic Navy.  Respectively, in a broader framework, the high readiness and efficiency of the country’s Armed Forces is factually confirmed during National, Allied and Joint exercises.

      The successful participation of the Hellenic Navy, as proven by the commendatory remarks of our partners in the multinational operations ΟCEAN SHIELD by NATO and ATALANTA by the EU,  highlight its operational capability and efficiency to successfully meet the requirements in every operations theatre. This success is a “force multiplier”, offering our country significant gravity, strategically-wise.

      Your tireless war efforts, as far as the organization but also the maintenance of war ships are concerned, along with the personal contribution of each one of you – leaving your families for several months – are well acknowledged by the Chain of Command.

      I would like to thank you for your professionalism and self-denial, and encourage you to continue showing the same eagerness.

                                                                                                       General (AF) Ioannis Giagkos    
                                                                                                                Chief of HNDGS

The exercise “KATAIGIS-10” is a National Joint medium-level exercise aiming at preserving, promoting and enhancing the level of the Hellenic Armed Forces fighting ability, and also maximizing the joint cooperation, especially in the Aegean Sea. All Fleet Units, a number of Fighting Aircrafts from the Hellenic Tactical Air Force (HTAF), sections of the 32nd Marine Brigade and the 71st Airborne Infantry Brigade , as well as the Hellenic Coast Guard with two patrol vessels, participate in this exercise.