The 4th  Balkan Countries CHODs Conference, a very significant initiative for strengthening the cooperation in the region, was held in Brasov, on the 10th of June 2010, with the participation of the nine founder countries. Croatian CHOD, Slovenian CHOD, Deputy Chairman of NATO Military Committee, Chairman of European Union Military Committee and Commander of Joint Force Command Naples also attended the Conference as guests.


 The first Balkan CHODs Conference was held in Thessaloniki, on the 18th of April, 2007, the second Conference, in Antalya, on 7th of July, 2008 and the third Conference, in Belgrade, on 9th of June, 2009. The next Conference will be held in Skopie.


 The 4th Conference emphasized the importance of close neighborly relations and reiterated the solidarity and commitments as it was stated in the previous conferences, in order to maintain and improve a safe and secure environment in the Balkans.


 The Balkan CHODs expressed their confidence that the works of Coordination Group and the two sub-working groups have provided the appropriate framework for a fruitful debate referring to the contemporary security challenges, risks and threats, which can be prevented through joint efforts.


 The CHODs welcomed the points of views and information presented by NATO and EU representatives, and expressed their appreciation for the support given by them to the Balkan Countries CHODs Conference. They confirmed their willingness to make progress in strengthening cooperation and expanding relations, while taking into account the significant role of NATO and EU in this region.


 In the framework of the Conference General (Air) Ioannis Giagkos met with the Serbian and Montenegrin CHODs. During their meeting the discussions focused on issues of mutual military interest and the perspective of further developing of the military cooperation among their countries, in the framework of Military Cooperation Program.