It is announced that the 15 Meeting of the Balkan Military Medical Committee, will take place at Dion Pierias from 30 May to 3 June 2010.

The topic of the Meeting is <>, in the margins of the Meeting, there will be <> discussions on issues concerning:

   — The new trends in the air and diving medicine.
   — The prevention from mental disorders in the armed forces.
   — The policy applied to prevent from infectious diseases.
   — The role of military medicine in dealing with massive disasters.

196 officers of Medical Corps from members-states of the Balkan Military Medical Committee, Albania, the military Attachee of Fyrom  and the Director of Medical Corps Director of the General Staff of the armed Forces of Montenegro.
The opening and closing ceremonies will take place in <>-International Institute of Alexander the Great.during the meeting, visits will be made at the Archeological And Byzantine Museums in Thessaloniki and the Museum in Vergina.

The Balkan Military Medical Committee was established in 1995 with a view to exchange views among the member states on issues concerning preventive medicine, emergency surgery in war, in radio – biological and medical warfare, mental health, massive loss of health and diving medicine.
The founding members of the Committee are: Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.

Additionally, the strength of ties and the development of bonds of friendships among the member-states are pursued.

In 2008 Serbia become a Member-State of the Committee, while Albania is an accession country.