On the 23th Apr 2010 the Multinational Peace Support Operations (PSO) Officers Basic Course of the Hellenic Multinational PSO’s Training Center at Kilkis, was completed as scheduled.

15 students out of 8 different nations (Armenia, BiH. Egypt, Georgia,Greece, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey), participated inthis 2 weeks course.

During the course, the students attended 37 hours of academic classes, where issues relevant to Multinational PSOs Officers Basic Course were addressed and explained in detail. Moreover, the trainees had the opportunity to carry out field exercises in GPS, Mines, Riot Control, Check Point and Daytime Patrol.
During their stay in Greece a tentative program with social events was followed, to allow trainees visit the famous Greek antiquities in the site of Vergina, where the tomb of King Phillip II (Alexander’s the Great father) is located and other sightseeing.


Next course to come is the 3 weeks UN Military Observers Course scheduled to start on the May 31st, 2010. Participation of well known national and international Guest Speakers and instructors from various institutions is expected.


Purpose of the UN Military Observers Course
• To prepare officers from different countries, for assignment as Military Observers, in PSOs.
• To familiarize the trainees, with UN structure procedures, SOPs (Standard Operations Procedures) and Terminology.


Learning Objectives of the UNMO Course:
– UN structure, procedures, SOPs and Terminology.
– Military observers basic duties, responsibilities and procedures.
– Plan and conduct patrolling activities (GPS and land navigation included), as well as execute monitoring, investigation and reporting tasks.
– Description of UN PKO (Peace Keeping Operations) Legal Framework.
– Negotiation-mediation and coordination with lOs and NGOs.
– Hygiene, self protection and mine awareness measures.


Slots are still available, so nations that may have an interest in this course are kindly requested to forward their joining report on time.