The current Operational Commander of the EU led Operation “Atalanta”, (EU Naval Force Somalia), British Rear Admiral Peter Hudson, paid official visit to Greece, from 29 to 30 March 2010.

 Rear Admiral Hudson visited the Hellenic National Defence General Staff on the 30th March, where he met the Deputy Chief of Defence/Joint HQ, Vice Admiral Ioannis Orfanos, and discussed issues on the current operations and the future of “Atalanta”.

 Among other views exchanged, the Admiral stated the importance of the hellenic participation to the Operation, as Greece took on the 1st Force Command in December 2008. The Admiral expressed his gratitude for Greece’s effectiveness and commitment  to “Atalanta” and analyzed the problems faced and perspectives of the anti piracy forces in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean. The meeting and presentations were attended by Hellenic Foreign Affairs Ministry and Coast Guard officials.