It is announced that frigate ”SALAMIS” provided support  to and escorted a super oil tanker, the M/V MARAN CENTAURUS, leave Somalia sea area, after ransom had been paid to release the ship.

“SALAMIS” frigate remained in the sea area during the whole period of ship’s captivity.

“SALAMIS”  frigate participates in “ATALANTA” EU-led Operation with the mission to:
.  protect the ships of the World Food Program
.  protect merchant ships sailing the Gulf of Aden and off the coasts of Somalia.
.  prevent and deter acts of piracy and armed robberies.

“ATALANTA” Operation is the first autonomous military operation of the EU.

Greece has participated in the said Operation since 8 December 2008. It has allocated the following ships:
.  “PSARA” frigate (unti April 2009)
.  “NIKIFOROS FOKAS” frigate (until August 2009)
. “ADRIAS” frigate (until December 2009)